ADVANTUS Grip-A-Strip Display Rail, Full Size, 6 Feet Long, Satin Finish Aluminum (2012) Advantus Corp.- Office


Size:Fax Message Holder (9 Inches Long)

  • Roller system automatically adjusts to snugly hold materials
  • Slide papers in to display, lift up and out for easy removal
  • Display rail holds up to 24 sheets of paper
  • Great alternative to bulletin boards that will not damage artwork or important documents
  • 6 feet long, includes mounting brackets for mounting

Better than a bulletin board...and safer by far! When you need to communicate or display posters, notices, charts, graphs or other items, Grip-A-Strip is easier and safer! By using a system of interlocking rollers, Grip-A-Strip automatically adjusts to hold various thicknesses of paper, posters and other items up to 1/8 inch thick, eliminating the need for dangerous tacks and pins. Your important papers or artwork won't be damaged by unsightly pin holes. This full-size 6 foot version comes with mounting brackets for quick and easy installation. Economical and long lasting, Grip-A-Strip Rails are made in USA. Corp. is dedicated to providing innovative quality products at fair prices.


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Tim Wachter
April 12, 2016
as crazy as it seems, this thing does an amazing job of hanging onto large fliers and banners for displaying promotions in my bar. i put two of the 3' rails right next to each other, so i could hang signs with a width up to 6' from them. (hint: the rail's end caps are cut so you can extend a single sheet out to another rail without modifying the rail or the paper) they hold fast and don't slip, but when you're ready to take the signs down, you just pull them out at an angle out from the wall and the paper just falls out.

so why only 4 stars? well, the amount of sticky tape was nowhere near adequate for mounting these to the wall. my wall is painted concrete, and i wasn't about to drill anchors into it for these sign hangers. i had to go out and buy a roll of double-sided foam tape to lay across the entire width of the back of the rail to get a secure mount. since doing that, they've stayed in place for the last 3 months without issue.
June 1, 2016
This is an amazing product that can be used for a multitude of different applications, classroom, notes at home, or my very personal favorite for displaying information at our church. After having spent two weeks repainting our church hall and noticing that we had 100's of tiny holes left by push pins and also bits of tape from where someone had taped up material(extremely difficult to remove after several years) we decide to put on these strips at strategic locations. Now we have one for upcoming travel information, one for pictures of social events, one for general information and one for the youth group. It is as easy a pie to use and we don't have to keep those nasty hole makers around to mar our newly painted walls.
August 21, 2017
I wanted to use a space under a new set of cabinets in our laundry room to hang the notices, notes, fliers and receipts that seem to clutter up our kitchen counter. The Grip a Strip was the perfect solution. It was simple to install and it's easy to hang and release various paperwork. It's unobtrusive under the cabinets yet serves the purpose. Would highly recommend.
June 2, 2013
These work well for their intended purpose, but there are a few niggles that keep it from getting 5 stars.

The corners are a little ragged. When mounting them you can get a scratch or catch the fabric of a shirt or something if you aren't mindful.

The rollers have some gaps, so small pieces of paper need to be positioned carefully to ensure they snag on a roller. For example don't get this to hang a strip of fortune cookie fortunes or phone number tear offs.

Also, we wanted to cross an 18" gap inside a cabinet door with one of these for school notes and reminders. They only came in 9", 12", and 24" and larger that we could find. It would be nice if there was an 18" size.

We settled on getting 2x9" ones, but they wouldn't fit as delivered. Each was actually closer to 9 1/8". We were able to pop off two end caps (the bar is just a cut aluminum piece with a black plastic cap on each end, with rollers inside to wedge the papers) and squeeze it into our space. Probably would have been better off getting a larger size and cutting it down to fit with a hacksaw, then re-seating the black cap on the cut end, but I wasn't sure that would be possible by looking at the pictures before I ordered.
May 6, 2017
I bought 2 of them. Both came via the mail to my place of residence, and both work. They are on my wall. Drywall compatible? YAYUUUHZ!

SPECIAL SAUCE SECRET: Make sure you measure and mark accurately where you would like to mount them as you only get one chance if using the included brackets. Because: The strip locks into the mounting brackets, and does not seem capable of unlocking. But the brackets must be drilled into the wall before locking the strip onto them.
July 23, 2017
This unit works OK but it had trouble holding a large laminated map. I think the slipperiness of the laminate cover made it difficult. I tried some tape on the edge of the map that was inserted into the rollers but this did not work either - the map would fall out.
Finally, I removed the tape and the residue left over from the tape created a tackiness that worked to keep the map up inside the rollers.
Standard papers seem to work fine but anything with a slippery surface tends to come out - keep that in mind if you plan to buy this.
In the end, I got it to work for me though.
Steve B
April 18, 2018
Magnetic strip is thin and hence the “hold” on a metal surface like a fridge is quite bad. It’s merely a thin strip magnet with adhesive.
The holder slips and can’t hold up to repetitive opening a closing a fridge or file cabinet.
Hangman makes a far better product..solid magnets (1”x 2”) attached solidly to the holder.
I bought a 2 pack and lo and behold it doesn’t even come with magnetic attachment option, only double sided tape or screw mounts.
I’m quite disappointed with the workmanship and the hype.
I’d return this junk but I’ve used up my allotment of time dealing with this rubbish
Lloyd E. Peterson
May 7, 2017
Although I wasn't sure that the supplied two sided tape would last and drilled two holes to fasten the rail to a piece of wood.

Pull down straight and the paper won't come out, pull out and it releases with no force, most surprisingly it is easy to insert a single sheet of paper.

Very neat.

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