All Glass Microfiltration Apparatus with Fritted Glass Support, 42mm Filter size, 1000 ml Flask, 300 ml Graduated Funnel ,Vacuum Suction Filter, Buchner Filting, Solvent Filter Labware


This apparatus is designed for filtering particles, bacteria and other substances.

This Vacuum Filtration Apparatus has a 000mL filter flask, a 00mL graduated funnel and an metal clamp with a secure, firm grip.
It is made of heavy all Bror . glass, approx weight .kg.
It is compatible with -mm membrane filter paper.
Ground Glass joint 0/8


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Dave L.
July 1, 2018
Excellent! works as great as a Millipore one at 1/5 the cost. Very well made- the flask is very thick everything fits together perfectly. The blue cover is even solvent resistant.

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