Aquasentials Long Handle Bath Brush (Clear Handle)


Design:Hard/Stiff Bristle

Design:Medium Soft

Apply soap, rub gently to create lather. Hang to dry after use. Recommend replacement every two month.


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November 15, 2015
November 13, 2016
I've used this for approximately a week now that being said it's length is good. The plastic handle ilooks like it would last along time without breaking (unlike several I've bought in the past) it holds body wash fairly well also. The bad is that the bristles seem to stiff for me. Scratchy. And if you use it to wash your back it seems like it would scratch it raw. Now I will sa,y I won't throw it away because it does have a practical use on the soles of my feet.. but really not what I wanted it for. So if you like very firm scratchy bristles this might just be the one for you.
September 7, 2017
As I look at all the other posted reviews, I have to conclude that we're all receiving different brushes--either that, or people have enormous differences in their perception of what's a soft brush, and what's overly stiff or rough. The brush I received looks identical to the photo on the website. The handle is quite sturdy, and the ridges help make it easier to hold on to. But the brush itself is so soft, the bristles are so silky, it's more like a hairbrush for a newborn baby (if you've ever seen one of them). I can pour shower gel onto the bristles and create a lather on my back, but I can barely feel the brush! The bristles bend at the slightest touch; it feels more like wiping my back with a piece of soft corduroy fabric than brushing it with a bath brush. It's very difficult for me to understand the many reviews that talk about how stiff this brush is, unless they're talking about the thick, unbendable handle...or unless they received a much different product than I got! I would recommend this brush ONLY to someone who is interested in gently tickling their skin--someone who really, REALLY doesn't want to feel like that their back has actually been scrubbed after they've used it.
Miss Dorsey
August 13, 2016
It came today. The bristles on the brush is not too hard or too soft. It even has lil round balls on the other side to massage your back. The string makes it girly.
October 9, 2016
Love this body brush. It really exfoliates well and I always get out of the shower feeling soft and super clean with this body brush. It also allows you to reach every part of your body including your entire back with no straining. I have it a while now and it's still in really good shape with daily use. I have also used it for dry brushing my skin and it works well for that too. For the small price everyone should have one of these in their shower.
February 23, 2016
Good brush, durable and lasted years until I started using it to apply Permatex hand cleaner to my back. Then the area between the head and the handle developed several cracks. Then the brush broke in half while it was used. I thought the cracks were the result of me dropping it many times over the years. So I bought a new one, and the same cracks appeared after just a few uses. The new brush broke the same way. Somehow the chemicals in the hand cleaner corrodes the plastic, probably seeping in through the opening for the bristles. Just don't use it for applying hand cleaners that auto mechanics use to clean their greased hands..The bristles are stiff enough for me.
M. Sullivan
February 11, 2013
The brush is soft but firm enough to do the job. I read other reviews before buying the brush and after using it I don't know why other people have had trouble. To address a few of the complaints;
The handle seem long enough for me and I am 6' 5
August 11, 2016
This brush is just like the ones I used to buy at Target and they work just the same. The bristles are a little stiff at first but that's expected and will get softer w/ use. I will continue to buy this product as often as I needed since it's helps me reach the middle of my back while taking a shower. I would make sure that it drys properly after every use because eventually you will get black mold on it if it sits in a small pool of water or if the water does not drip off the bristles and drys properly. To me, the mold isn't a design flaw but something that just happens due to it being in a moist environment.

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