Bath Sponge & Brush with Long Handled, Exfoliating Bath & Shower Loofah Body Back Brush scrubber soft shower by Woods World (Green)




Good Days begin with joyful bath! Woods World Bath Sponge Brush Back Scrubber Brush with long handle will be your Best Choice.
1. High-quality: Our shower sponge is very soft and tough enough to take off the dead skin and toxins on the surface of the skin,
making your body healthier, silky and smooth.
2. Easy to use&Clean: Through our high-quality materials made of network bath to solve the problem of bad foam.
You can very easily scrub your every inch of the skin, to reproduce the health of natural clean skin while enjoying the daily bath.
3.Humanized Design of Woods World Bath Sponge Brush: Our tight weaving quality mesh bath sponge will go beyond the rest.
And it is committed to doing better. Our baths are comfortable, sturdy, long enough. Through the long handle can easily clean the body's role,
especially in the back is difficult to achieve the location of cleaning is also easy. When you use after the natural suspension can be dry.
4.To share a common sense of daily care: Daily care supplies need to be promptly cleaned and replaced, Bath sponge also belongs to daily care.
It also needs to care, need our regular cleaning and replacement, probably suggested replacement time is one month.
Of course, if you love it, clean up in time, use a longer time is no problem.
5. Package:
1 Pack: Blue
Weight: 101g / 0.22 lb
Size: 18 x 6.5 x 4 (in)
6. Kindly Reminder: Replace Loofah Bath Sponge Every 2-3 Months Like a Towel. Click on the Buy button to order your Bath Sponge Brush now,
experience it first-hand!
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December 5, 2017
back problems, love the longer handle, I glued a plastic loop to it for my hand, since when these handles get soapy they are hard to hold onto with arthritic hands.
I can reach my back and lower legs now with less discomfort, was able to pin a washcloth around it and apply lotion also
John Guarino
July 28, 2018
This long handled bath sponge seems adequately manufactured. Elastic bands that look like hair ties hold the sponge to the plastic handle. We shall see how long they last under the rigors of hard water and soap. The rigidity and length are just enough to soap up one's back and posterior shoulders. It is not good for scrubbing, but compared to the long handled brushes I've tried recently, at least it isn't scrubbing off my skin. I had gotten this long handled bath sponge after trying from Amazon, the Wooden Shower Body Brush with Boar Bristle. That one actually scraped off skin and left scratches. I had also tried a long handled wooden brush from Bed Bath and Beyond. That too was far too rough.
I can live with being able to soap up my back and live with whatever exfoliation happens from gentle movement of the bath sponge.
January 15, 2018
Scrubs well, but not too rough. The handle is the perfect length.
Vickie Brown
April 12, 2018
I have got nicked problems as well as lower back problems, so it has been almost impossible for me to wash all of my back by myself. With this purchase I have solved my problem. So much wish I had made this purchase earlier.
Richard Blum
March 1, 2018
Good brush with long handle. Only complaint is there was a rough spot on the plastic very near the sponge part and it hurt when it rubbed against my skin, a nail file fixed that.
Grant Ebeling
December 29, 2017
Brush is only loosely tied together. It's already loosening after 2 weeks' use, it'll fall apart completely in another week's time. The handle's flimsy at best, and uncomfortable to hold on top.
Michigan reader
February 1, 2018
Bought this for my 97 year old mother and she loves it. She said it is soft and just the right length to reach her back.
September 26, 2018
I love the color but thatu2019s about it. In person is really cheap plastic. The handle is curved and lighter weight than the pouf so itu2019s really hard to grip with wet hands. Would not buy again. Itu2019s really about a $3 product, not the $9+ I paid.

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