Bostitch Antimicrobial SuperPro Glow Extra Heavy Duty Commercial Classroom Electric Pencil Sharpener with Replaceable Cutter Cartridge System, 6-Hole, Silver/Black (EPS14HC) Amax Inc.



  • 75% faster sharpening and 12x longer cutter life (cutters are also replaceable)
  • Distraction-free environment: SharpStop shuts motor off when pencil tip is sharp while SharpGlow illuminates to inform you
  • Fan cooled heavy duty motor with thermal overload protection for quiet, stall-free use
  • Safety switch prevents operation when easy-clean large shavings receptacle is removed
  • Colored pencil and TriWrite compatible

Constructed for demanding environments. It's equipped with a robust QuietSharp fan cooled motor to provide continuous quiet operation and delivers 75% faster sharpening speeds. Skillfully, the SharpStop will automatically shut the sharpener down when sharpening is completed, followed by the SharpGlow illumination emitting a white light around the dial to provide a clear visual indicator when sharpening is complete.Built with our XHC dual cutter cartridge technology to provide more precise sharpening and features tool-free removal for quick and simple cleaning or replacement! Its conveniently colored pencil compatible and its 6-size dial accomadates numerous pencil sizes including Tri-Write. The high capacity shavings tray features our MagnaSafe tamper proof safety switch that shuts down the motor when the tray is removed for added protection. Antimicrobial protected. 7 year limited warranty


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August 17, 2016
Nick H.
January 19, 2018
Perfect or high-use commercial or educational environments, but for artists, illustrators and colorists, this is not such a practical solution.
This pencil sharpener's cutter blade angle is rather shallow, so I cuts the pencils at a deeper angle than other sharpeners with similar Helical spiral cutters.
So, I you have to sharpen your color pencils a lot, especially the soft-wood, soft-core type, you end up using up a lot in size/length - if you use a lot of special (EXPENSIVE) coloring pencils, you end u having to replace them more often, than with manual or variable pitch sharpeners
I ended up returning this model, reluctantly, and purchased a Westcott HALO electric sharpener, which has a single titanium coated helical blade, and I've found it to have a good balance between pencil point length and still a pitch that does not eat up my pencils too fast.
September 2, 2017
Have had this for a few weeks. I am a personal user, so it is not getting heavy classroom/ office use. My previous electric sharpener was a Bostitch individual-user model and it lasted for many, many years. I wanted one that would go the distance, so I purchased a commercial grade model. I selected this because I needed one that is colored pencil compatible. So far it is doing a fine job, and indeed it is much quieter than my old one. Unfortunately there were no dimensions on the amazon or Bostitch site, so I was surprised to see how large it was. I had to find a new location for it, where my previous one tucked nicely into a nook on my desktop. I can't give it 5 stars because I haven't had it for 10 years, the light that goes on when the pencil is sharp and the anti-microbial
September 30, 2017
This thing is HUGE and very powerful. It works well and I really like it. It does its job. And you really can replace the blades easy. One thing I REALLY do not like about it is that it has some type of
charles mcknight
May 19, 2016
Very impressed. Can sharpen a variety of sizes of pencils. I have 3 different brands of colored pencils and they all have a different diameter. This even sharpens those triangular shaped jumbo grade school pencils. Very satisfied.
July 14, 2016
I would give this a higher rating if the housing were more substantial and it was less noisy. t literally rocks back and forth when it sharpens and makes a loud grinding noise. But I love the long point on sharpened pencils. It does a great job!
October 13, 2013
I got this sharpener almost a year ago, it replaced my old cheap classroom sharpener, this product was quite an investment for the money I paid but it always worked fine and made no problems, I use it in classroom for teachers use only not by students, used in an average of 15-30 pencils at once (sometimes more), works by the 30th pencil as good as by the 1st. smooth sharpening, clean and fast, works as described.

LATELY I have a PROBLEM that sometimes it sharpens uneaven which makes the ready sensor stop the machine when the wood is pointy but no lead visible at all, I have to turn the pencil and put it in again to fix it
Wayne Slattery
February 13, 2014
This is the best pencil sharpener that I have found. It will give you a great point because it has two cutting rotors in contrast to most other sharpeners which have only one rotor or even just one blade. The only disadvantage is that it is big and heavy for a pencil sharpener. In one way that is an advantage because it doesn't move when you sharpen a pencil (also, it has small suction feet).

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