Deluxe Beadwork Starter Kit Crazy Crow Trading Post 4847-000-003

  • Includes Beadworking with Today's Materials

This is the best bead working kit available today, with detailed, illustrated instructions explaining the best methods for loom, applique, lazy stitch and peyote (gourd stitch) beadwork techniques, along with instructions showing you how to make a simple, but very serviceable box loom. Materials and instructions for making a beaded medallion, keychain, earrings, and a strike-a-lite bag include: Size 10 Beading and Sharps needles, Nymo and cotton thread, peyote and loom graph paper, beeswax, dowel, buckskin and 4 ounces of 10/0 seed beads. It also includes the fantastic and very popular Missouri River Deluxe Adjustable Bead Loom, which is 41", along with the excellent book, Beadworking with Today's Materials.


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