Galaxy S9 Plus Battery Case with Qi Wireless Charging Compatibility, Alpatronix BX440plus 6.2-inch 4600mAh Slim Rechargeable Protective Portable Backup Charger for Samsung S9+ [Android 8.0] - Black

  • POWERFUL CHARGE: Outstanding 4600mAh UL-certified internal battery for your Galaxy S9 Plus effectively charges well over 100% to last you the entire day. The built-in battery provides up to 1.5x your normal battery power. 100% compatible to support Android OS 8.0+ (Oreo) & older, future Android OS software updates. ONLY compatible with Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, 6.2" (*NOT compatible with Galaxy S9 5.8").
  • COMPATIBLE WITH Qi WIRELESS CHARGING: Charge with a Qi wireless charger (not included). You can use any Qi wireless charging pad to charge both the Galaxy S9+ and the battery case together. You can also charge the battery case using the USB-C cable included with your Galaxy S9 Plus. Receive 10% OFF our CX200 wireless charging stand (ASIN: B07HBDFFKK) OR 20% OFF our CX101 wireless charging pad (ASIN: B0798X8Y9K) when you purchase BOTH the battery case and ONE of the wireless chargers together.
  • MAXIMUM PROTECTION: 360° scratch-guard protection minimizes bulk and weight for Galaxy S9+ charger case. Raised front bumper stands higher than your Galaxy screen to avoid contact with other surfaces. Easy access to all ports, sensors, speakers and camera. This battery case has the highest industry regulatory certificates: CE, RoHS, and FCC.
  • EASY & SIMPLE INSTALLATION: Remove top piece and slide the Galaxy S9 Plus to connect to the battery case's USB-C output port. Once Galaxy S9+ is seated, reconnect the top piece in the correct orientation and snap into place on all sides. To remove your Galaxy S9 Plus, simply remove the top piece and slide your Galaxy S9 Plus out. You can conveniently charge and sync both the battery case and Galaxy S9+ to your PC, laptop or Macbook without having to remove the battery case.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: Ensures you are protected for the life of this product and 30-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE offers peace of mind, enabling you to return the product in case you don’t like your purchase for any reason.


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June 9, 2018
Excellent battery case, let's get that squared away. Had my phone off the charger for 2 days and it stayed topped off at 100% the whole time. I'm headed to a Universal Studios trip in a week and all this extra juice will be appreciated for certain. Fit, and quality are superb and all functions are accessible. I was also glad to see it was USB-C. I didn't want to have to lug around different kinds of cables just to charge. Works perfectly with my Qi wireless chargers as well. It was packaged very nicely -- almost Apple-like in presentation. (huge compliment here)

Reasons I took off 1 star:
- Definitely adds heft and bulk. This was not totally surprising, but it's more than I expected. I guess I didn't anticipate it being as large as it was or as heavy. All that battery and Qi tech has to go somewhere I guess. Just be prepared.
- It feels a little less protected than my daily TP case -- edges, while still above the screen, are less deep, so there's a greater chance it could have contact with the screen surface.
- Buttons are a little awkward. This might be just something you have to adapt to, but since the case "bulk" is behind the phone, the side buttons are practically on the edge, and with the extra weight, it makes it a little more of a chore to hold it properly and push them. They work well enough, but the difference in balance that's created is noticeable.
- The case has a matte/satin finish so it doesn't collect fingerprints per se, but it does pick up oils from your hands and as result has become less attractive then it did out of the box.
- I don't expect there's any waterproof protection that the phone has natively. This unto itself does not worry me. What does is will a negative water effect on the case potentially damage the phone since they are electrically connected at all times. I'm probably being paranoid but should I be in proximity to water, I'll likely remove the case at that point.
- Speaking of, it was hard to remove the phone from the case. Getting it in was easy, but since only a very small portion of the phone is exposed without the top "cap" on, there's basically nothing to grip. I ultimately pushed it out via the headphone jack hole using a pen cap. Not ideal, but it worked and didn't damage the phone in any way.

I realize that is long list of negatives, but really mostly nitpicking, As I stated above, it's mostly a good experience and battery life is insane. Solid 4-stars. I do recommend this product, with the caveat it will add pretty significant weight to the experience.
August 14, 2018
I work in international business and travel all over the world CONSTANTLY. at least twice a week I leave my home or hotel, head for the airport and don't have access to a charging port for 12 to 16 hours straight. People tell me I'm lucky, traveling across the world, visiting exotic places, and that I probably have a gir in every country... well sorry to dissapoint you but the reality is I spend 8 or 9 hours watching movies and playing games on my phone during my not so glamorous travels and then I'm in between meetings and my boring hotel room all day long. My phone is not only my sole source of entertainment during looooong flights, but it's my lifeline when I'm in a foreign country and need an uber or an e-mail, so I simply cannot afford to run out of battery, and (specially when flying) i don't use my phone, I ABUSE it!

I love my S9+, but there's one thing missing from it: plain & simple battery capacity.

This external battery case works like a charm, it's not too bulky and it's actually lighter than I expected, it has USB type C, and it has all the port holes and speaker holes (note that sound seems to have improved after installing this case, perhaps the way sound is diverted makes a difference), and the battery gets me well into my most demanding days with about 70 % battery left to spare on my phone.

Some reviewers commented about sharp edges, I have to tell you that either the design of this case has changed, or those users have soft fingers. Mine did not have sharp edges at all, and in fact once installed, you don't need to be taking this thing apart and feeling it's edges ever again, so I don't understand how you could cut yourself with it.

When I first installed it, I felt that the fingerprint sensor was a little odd to reach, but after half an hour of use, I stopped noticing this, so I guess I just needed to get used to the feeling of the case. This case is really thin, about 5 millimeters at it's thickets (look at the picture with the tape measure).

As for device protection from drops, I will say this case will offer it, no doubt, but probably at the cost of breaking the battery case itself if the drop is too hard. I mean, it feels very well built, but it is not designed to be dropped repeatedly on a hard surface from 5 feet, like a passive (AKA with no charging capabilities) drop protection case would. Note that I did drop this a few times with no issues whatsoever, but they were not extreme drops.

Another thing to mention, and this goes without saying (and is true for absolutely all external batteries) this is not designed to be submerged underwater like your S9+ is. I bet it would take some heavy rain with no problems because as you can see in the images, there's almost no place where water can sip in, so everyday use should be fine, unless you're a scuba diver instructor.

Great battery life
easy to charge both using wireless and USB type C
light weight
offers light protection from drops, to your phone
2 year warranty
US company with native English speakers to pick up the phone if you call them for any issues (I talked with them)
wireless charging
not bulky at all for a 4600Mah battery

Not waterproof
it only comes in black (I would have loved if it matched my phone's color)
It can be charged wirelessly, but it does not come with a wireless charger.
June 21, 2018
This is the best charging case I have used on a phone yet. It not only looks good on the phone in my opinion, it more than doubles the battery life. I have been able to go for two days without charging with the case on. Previously I was lucky to make it through a day.
Another feature that I appreciate about the case is that I can still use Samsung Pay. Several of the competing cases do not. Charging seems to be fairly quick and it always charges the phone first and then the case.
As most people have mentioned it does make the phone heavier, but any device that increases the battery will come with extra weight. I personally find that the extra weight makes the phone easier to hold. Overall I am very happy with the Alpatronix Battery Case. I have not yet tried it with Qi charging, but I intend to in the near future.
This is my second Alpatronix charger (I have one on my Galaxy S7) and I know that they hold up well

Extra Battery Life
Holds the phone snugly
Allows the use of Samsung Pay and NFC
Easy to press buttons
Mate finish
Excellent customer service
Well Designed
Uses USB C
Easy to install

Cons (may also be a Pro)
bulkier than the phone by itself
slightly difficult to remove the phone from the case


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