Gamcha Bengali Cotton Traditional Indian Bathing Towel MTJ-4J-AZFC-KBQG-$P



  • Cotton
  • Imported
  • Cotton Mix
  • Imported
  • Women Religious Indian Tshirt to wear with sari
  • Religious Devotional Indian Clothing Tshirt
  • Religious Clothing Choli Flower Tray, Conch, Ghee Lamps Tshirt with Hooks for women

Bengali 100% cotton gamcha to dry your body with. Available in medium (90 into 175 cm) and large (100 into 200 cm) sizes. These come in different patterns but are generally in redish colors. You can get the idea from the product image but actual color / pattern will depend on what is available at the time of your order.. . .......... The exact shades of color and size can vary from piece to piece.


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Mersad Kajtazovic
January 29, 2018
Good quality cotton towel; light and easy to dry and absorbs moisture well off your body.

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