Gretsch G2420T Streamliner Hollow Body Electric Guitar Case 0992420000

  • Hardshell Case for the Gretsch G2420 and G2420T Streamliner Electric Guitars
  • Black Exterior
  • Plush Interior

Give your Streamliner the case it deserves! This cases feature chrome latches, chrome hardware, black plush interior, center storage compartment, and a silver logo. Durable and stylish, these cases will get your guitar to the gig night after night!Get yours today; with the security of our many decades of experience and Sam Ash Music&#;s efficient order processing, your satisfaction is guaranteed!


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August 16, 2018
This is a nice looking old school tolex case with black plush lining and a large Gretsch logo. It seems plenty sturdy and fits the Streamliner G2420T like a glove. Just swing your Bigsby all the way to the clockwise position. Instead of a key, there is a hasp on one of the latches for your own lock. Does what it's supposed to do. I felt compelled to write this review because of a one star rating from a previous reviewer. Don't take it out on the case because the wrong one was ordered for your guitar.
Mark A Mayfield
September 2, 2018
Love it!!!!
May 9, 2018
Bought this case for my 2622 streamliner hard tail. While the guitar certainly fits in the case, there is around an inch of extra space around the guitar on all sides so it rattles around like a bean in a tin can. Additionally, the case was clearly originally designed for a thicker bodied guitar, the neck rest is so much higher than where the back of the guitar rests in the case that the head and neck actually stick up enough to prevent the case from closing. In other words, if you close the case the guitar will be resting with all of its weight cantilevered between the headstock and the middle of the neck. It also is enough play on the side bouts that the tuning machines hit the side of the case. I could probably remedy the problem by stuffing towels around and under the guitar, but for almost $150 bucks that’s unacceptable. I will most likely be returning the case.
Don Ballentine
October 27, 2018
My first impression when pulling the case out of the box was "wow, nice case, then I tried to open it. The top and bottom were stuck together as if they were glued together. After 10 minutes of prying the top and bottom loose came my real disappointment, my Gretsch G2420 fit like an oversized glove with side to side and front to back movement of, about, 1/4". Since the case looks more like an acoustic guitar case I tried my Yamaha FG-180 in it and the Yamaha fit perfectly! That leads me to believe the case is a re-purposed flat top acoustic case. The case will do the job but considering the box the case came in indicated that it came via Fender parts I think it could have fit much better.

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