Lazy Tribe Dry Skin Body Brush- Nylon corrugated wool -Improves Skin's Health And Beauty - Remove Dead Skin And Toxins, Improves Lymphatic Functions- Loofah Bath Sponge,Rich foam (Light pink)




Itchy back?
Rough back Skin?
Don't like bath brush too rough?
Choose a brush or a bath ball?
Upset about not being able to cleaning your back ?
Here is a suggestion for you,to buy a brush from Lazy Tribe to solve all the above problems!
Because Our 2-in-1 Bath Body Wash Brush suit different crowd, for example child、 pregnant woman and Sensitive skin,rub back more comfortable soft, and please stick to our bath brush every day to help remove dead skin,clogged pores, make your skin softer, smoother and healthier.
SO, click the Buy button to order your brushes now to turn on your healthy lifestyle!
Product Information:  
Name: Lazy Tribe Dry Skin Body Brush
Color: Pink  
Product Size: 13.5 *2.8* inch
Material: PP Handle + Nylon Wool 
Handle material: plastic
Packaging Specifications: 1 Piece


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September 18, 2018
Good for what cleaning does hard to reach places lol

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