LSI Logic SAS3801E 8PORT Pcie 3G Minisas 2 4PORT Ext Lp Included ROHS6 LSI00138

  • Data Transfer Rate - 3Gbps per port
  • External Connectors - 8-port
  • Bus Type - PCI-E
  • Package Contains - Cards, CDs, Low Profile brackets
  • - 3 Gb/s per port

The LSI SAS801E card enables large-scale direct attach storage (DAS) arrays through eight external Gb/s mini-SAS ports, driving up to 1 SAS and SATA devices. The host bus adapter drives external server storage RAID and non-RAID enclosures with unprecedented throughput by connecting an eight-lane 2. Gb/s PCI Express bus with two external x SFF-8088 mini-SAS connectors. Utilizing the SFF-8088 connectors allows the SAS801E to fit into a low-profile adapter, perfect for 2U servers driving 800 MB/s full-duplex externally.


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Jerry C
March 8, 2016
Initially setup with 1tb drives and worked as expected. When I added a string of 4tb drives, it wouldn't see their full capacity. No where on the page did it indicate that this card has an ancient chipset that won't see drives larger than 2tb. Pretty bad for a card purchased in 2015. Also didn't come with LP bracket (fortunately I had an open slot of both LP and regular height), or driver CD (which I didn't need).
Aaron Shephard
July 18, 2017
Works for what I need it for. I saw the other reviews that mention its inability to handle large drives -- hey, it's an oooold RAID card, whaddya expect? -- but I just wanted something with SFF8088 ports to control an external box with a bunch of optical drives. This does that cheaper than messing with adapters from SATA to SFF8088 or whatever.
Damien Chock
April 19, 2017
This unit has old Firmware. This will not allow you to mount drives larger than 1TB...

Shipping was fast and on time, but buyer beware!
November 16, 2015
Working great. Installed in RHEL 6.7 Linux system and connected to a Quantum tape library.

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