Nekteck Battery Case 4000mAh Compatible iPhone 6 Plus / 6S Plus Battery Case External Protective Charger Charging Case Backup Pack Cover Juice Bank – Black NN-WG60-8BPN

  • The powerful 4000mAh Li-polymer rechargeable battery can effectively provide 100%+ extra battery life to your iPhone 6 Plus/ 6S Plus, which is equivalent to add 14 + hours talk time or 10+ hours web browsing time.
  • Designed specifically for iPhone 6 Plus/ 6s Plus 5.5 Inch with full-body ultra slim protective battery case designed with minimum added bulk. Enjoy the comprehensive protection while still maintain the slim of your iPhone 6/6S Plus.
  • Which means it's made specifically to fit with your iPhone 6 Plus (5.5 inch) so you can expect quality performance and reliability. Worry-Free of compatibility or safety issues. No errors whatsoever.
  • Featuring sync-through technology that you can sync your iPhone to a computer without having to take the battery case off. Simultaneously charge your iPhone and battery case together with the included microUSB cable.
  • The resilient design of the Nekteck iphone 6S/6 Plus battery case features LED battery level indicator that lets you know exactly how much power you have; and a softer side that safely holds your iPhone while providing easy access to all buttons and ports.

Compatible with Apple iPhone / S Plus 5.5 inch, allowing full access to touchscreen, camera, buttons, and ports. NOT COMPATIBLE with iPhone S/ 4.7 inch or any other iPhone models.

Apple MFi Certified:
Apple iPhone S/ Plus 5.5 Inch External Protective Battery Case is certified by Apple MFi, which means each case comes with smart circuit protection and ensures 100% compatibility in the future. The battery case can be used safely, without any possibility of exploding.

With its amazing 4000 mAh batter power capacity delivered in such a compact package. You will pleasantly renew your iPhone Plus power supply with more than 100% of full charge of iPhone internal battery capacity.

Designed with both protection and looks in mind, It comes with one lightening connector to charge your iPhone PLUS and one micro USB charging port to charge the battery case through a USB cable connected to a Wall/Car charger or a PC USB Port. Our advanced technology provides guaranteed compatibility with the latest iPhone IOS operating system which allows charging and data sync simultaneously.

Battery type: Li-polymer
Capacity: 3.7V/4000mAh
Input: 5V / 1A (Max)
Output: 5V / 1A

Package Including:
1 x iPhone S Plus / Plus Battery Case
1 x MicroUSB Charging Cable
2 x Frames
1 x Headphone Extension Adapter
1 x User Manual


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Glenn Chestman
March 8, 2015
Don't waste time reading long reviews or waiting for Mophie to release a battery case for the 6 plus. Took a chance, this thing works great- so much so, I never write reviews but feel compelled to bc this bad boy keeps my phone charged all day from 4:30am to 7;30pm with juice to spare. I literally work on my phone all day. I've dropped it, had for weeks and put it thru it's paces and feel very confident in recommending.
John Techwriter
April 7, 2018
This is the third case I've tried for my iPhone 6S Plus and it's by far the best. Here are the reasons I like this case so much:

1) The iPhone attaches easily but very solidly to the iPhone without stressing any components, especially the vulnerable Lightning connector.

2) The case's slim design enables me to carry my iPhone comfortably in my front pocket.

3) I get far more life from the battery in this case than I do from my iPhone 6's notoriously weak battery.

4) Recharging couldn't be easier -- just plug in the case using its micro-USB port with the phone still inside. Both the case's and the phone's batteries will be recharged.

I've used this case intensively for around a month now and it's holding up just fine. I know, however, that lithium-ion batteries in general don't seem to last very long. I hope to get a year or maybe two out of this case, and by that time I'll have to upgrade my phone or suffer serious performance decline.

I wish I could keep my iPhone 6S Plus forever because it does everything I need, but Apple makes sure its mobile products become obsolete after three years or so -- usually by having older models run more and more slowly every time they update their iOS (operating system). When I'm forced to get a new iPhone, I'll be sure to get a Nekteck case to both protect it and extend its battery life.
Abdulla K.
February 25, 2016
I've purchased battery cases over the last few weeks which mentioned that while its meant for the 6Plus, it will also fit in the 6SPlus. Well, they didn't. When I got this battery case, inserted the phone inside, and the most important part, closed tightly, I breathed a sigh of relief! It fits! No opening or spaces in any side of the case. Feels solid. The feel and texture of the case is pretty good too. After a few days use, where I turned on the battery, I usually activate it when my phone reached 3%. It took my phone all the way to 85%, at times 93% if I'm lucky. So not exactly 100% but that was ok and enough for me to last the remaining few hours I needed to be powered. At days like today, I still have 19% in the evening, so I don't use the extended battery, but then there days when I do use it excessively and seeing that' 70%+ battery sign on the screen just makes me feel really good.

A definite buy for anyone considering getting a battery case for the 6S Plus.. It fits perfectly!
Triple R
June 1, 2015
This battery case is pretty great. You can charge you phone with it while out and about and it will generally give you 100% charge without fully depleting. The nice thing about that is that you are essentially gaining 1.5 full charges of you phone by being able to use the phone while it's charging.

Case fits quite nicely. There are minimal gaps on the corners, but I suppose that is so that is so you could actually remove the case if you wanted.

The nexcon case adds a fair bit of weight and size to the phone. If you take the case off after using it for a while you will be blown away by how thin and light your phone actually is.

My main gripes with this case are that the size and bulk is a bit much. I know there's not much you can do when adding an entire second battery to the phone, but it really is an issue--especially when you like to play on your phone when you're laying in bed. I can actually feel my hand straining to hold up the phone whilst laying down after an extended period. That being said, I am under the impression that ALL battery cases including the big name brand ones are quite heavy.

My next issue is that the case itself is surprisingly slick due to its matte finish. The bulk added to the phone can be a bit unmanageable because the case is so slippery. The first few days using my phone with the case, I was sincerely concerned that I would drop it. To top that off, the case shows finger prints due to its matte nature. It's not terrible, and can be remedied with a quick wipe on your shirt or jeans, but you should be aware that the case is a bit of a magnet for fingerprints.

And finally, if you are using any sort of screen protector, there is a good chance it won't be compatible with this battery case. The case snugly fits on the bottom of your phone to just below the home button. If you screen protector goes below the home button at all, there's a good chance that it will be peeled up by this case. If you're using a glass screen protector, good luck, because it probably wont fit with the case.

Nice fit
Great battery life
MFI certified
Adds about 1.5x battery life

Slick and fingerprint-y
Might not play well with your screen protector.
October 14, 2016
Just got it, so I want to wait on 5 stars... Works great,& glad I didn't spend over 2x as much for a Morphie. Excellent for travel and when you need to charge the phone and not be tethered to a cable. I'm skeptical it will last for 500 full charges.

After using regularly for two months, it has stopped recharging. It's been charging for 20 hours and objy up to the second of four lights indicating charging. It lasted about 30 charges, no where near 500. My bad -I did not register it. I guess you get what you pay for, although saying it will last 500 charges is beyond false.

UPDATE- I have emailed with the company & they are replacing it, believing the one I have is defective. They seem to be standing by the product,& I hope the next one works as it's supposed to. Update - they replaced mine for free,& it arrived yesterday fully charged, free of any $ charge. They were very responsive to emails,& I hadn't registered mine, but thanks to Amazon keeping our orders stored, I was able to provide them the order number. I'm so used to (& disgusted with) the usual complete lack of customer service and competence that this was a really nice surprise. Back up to 4 stars.

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