Premium Dry Brushing Body Brush Set- Natural Boar Bristle Body Brush, Exfoliating Face Brush & One Pair Bath & Shower Gloves. Free Bag & How To – Great Gift For A Glowing Skin & Healthy Body Belula Care



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Amazon Customer
December 13, 2016
I've never used a body brush before. This looked nice and was reasonably priced, so I decided to try it. I'm a busy woman, so the idea of my own little ritual appealed to me.
I liked the package from the first time I saw it so I ordered two products, one for me and one as a gift for a good friend.You can tell they care about how they present themselves as a company. The inner box has one body brush with detachable handle, a small face brush ,a pair of exfoliating gloves a nice travel bag and also quick instructions and a thank you card.
The product itself is great. This is my first dry brushing kit and found that the bristles of the body brush were coarse enough to create a nice sensation but not rough where I felt like I was shaving off my skin. The dry brushing of the face felt a little rough at first, but I followed the instructions and succeeded to soften them a little bit. Now Iu2019m using the brushes every two or three days and the gloves daily when I shower. The whole process has a reinvigorating and a relaxing effect on me and my skin seems to be brighter and softer.
Iu2019ll continue using this set as it is a perfect opportunity to create a u201cme momentu201d and reinvigorate myself.
Suzie Bush
September 1, 2017
I really like the face brush - the body brush is a little stiff for effective lymphatic brushing.***Im adding stars to my review because the co was great at contacting my regarding the brush- they sent a new one and told me how to soften it if needed - I appreciate any business who takes time to make sure customers are happy. Thanks! nice work. ** Now the brush is perfect for me to do lymphatic brushing. And the gloves are great in a time crunch.
Sibsie Emery
January 17, 2018

Still using this on a very regular basis. J do see a slight reduction in cellulite but what has been amazing is the reduction in pain from IT band syndrome. Itu2019s worked far better than any of my foam rollers or spiked balls Iu2019ve been using. It seems to be marvelous for leg pain all round. A great and unexpected side effect.

I was watching a BBC science program the other day and in a study they found dry brushing the most effective to combat cellulite in a group study where participants tried brushing, exercise and creams. The dry brushing group had a 35% improvement compared to zero in the other two groups. I know I sound like a paid commercial but Iu2019m not. Honestly!

This set seemed to be the best value for money. I tried them out today for the first time with just very light strokes and Iu2019ll report back in 30 days if I remember.

Seems to be very well made and good quality. Itu2019s really similar to the body brush I brush my horse with and he looks great.
Amazon Customer
January 31, 2017
Like many others, I like products that are not only functional, but are high quality, aesthetically well designed, and decently priced. I read a bunch of reviews for brushes on Amazon, but just didn't like any of them. Finally I decided on these brushes even though there weren't any reviews yet and was a little pricier than some others I saw... I've been using the brushes/gloves for about two weeks now and my my skin feels incredible. Combined with a new facial regiment, my face feels smooth like a baby's and my pores have decreased in size. Personally, showering has been a lot more enjoyable now that I know my skin can be this soft.

The brushes themselves are really beautiful and seem really well made. Love the dragonfly logo too. Everything is nicely packaged and looks exactly as it is shown in the photos. I even like the orange box it came in (which can be reused as a gift box!) Since I wasn't too familiar with the methods of dry brushing, I was glad it came with a little tutorial on how to brush (towards the heart) and how to soften the bristles if that's what you want. The bristles do seem and feel a little stiff and harsh at first, especially on the face, but as you continue brushing, your skin will begin to get used to it. Just remember to brush gently. Not a big deal, but the part of the body brush where the extended stem attaches has started to fray (I might've accidentally gotten the wood wet... or tightened the stem too much). In any case, the brushes work really well. Would definitely recommend. :) I usually never leave comments, but I really liked the sweet email I received from Belula Care -- seems like a small thing, but does make a difference!
Amazon Customer
January 27, 2018
Used once and the bristles fell out. Not happy at all!
June 9, 2017
If you're comparing far to many dry brush options at the moment, just go with this one--you can't go wrong with a company that actually cares about your satisfaction. I did something dumb that ended up damaging my brush, and, even having admitted what happened the people at Belula Care cared enough to send me full replacement--FAR exceeding my expectations! I will not disclose the details surrounding what exactly I did, nor do i support attempts to submit copycat claims, it is just nice to know that some companies out there truly care about customer retention.
June 13, 2018
They are definitely quality brushes!
I ran my thumb over the bristles and there is very little shedding and I love the firmness.
Iu2019ve never used a body brush before. Let alone for dry brushing. But I was sick of wasting my $$ on the big mesh poofy loofahs, they wouldnu2019t last & just come untied & the plastic handles would always snap when I was using them
The wooden handles are very thick & smooth, no signs of splintering.
The gloves are great too! Theyu2019re not too rough and will be great for exfoliating!
The brushes & gloves also came with a nice canvas bag for travel purposes.
After I used the brushes, my body felt SO good! My skin was really smooth and itu2019s perfect to use for a backscratcher too lol
Very very pleased with with my purchase thus far! I really hope they last!
(Just make sure you DO NOT use them with water!!!)
January 16, 2017
Exactly as advertised and arrived quickly. Delivered in a nice box and the storage bag is an extra plus. Not too rough and not too soft. Great value.

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