Pve Blanket Cozy Corner Md 8in (Pack of 3) Prevue Pet Products Inc BPV1161

  • 3.7

  • Fleece bird blanket creates a protected environment that keeps your bird warm even in
  • drafty areas or seasonal weather. To use simply place in corner near perch and tie to
  • cage. Machine washable and available in yellow, purple and green.


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Michael Coffman
July 13, 2016
Product itself is outstanding. The 3 stars are for, in my opinion, false advertising. This is marketed as a pack of 3. I received 1. I left feedback to the seller but not have heard anything back from them. My bird loves her cozy corner but I bought this as a pack of 3, not a pack of 1.
Juanita Mowery
January 26, 2015
My daughter had bought this for her conure and pretty worn out so I bought this again for her conure and my little love bird.
It's soooo soft and they love to snuggle in it!!
February 19, 2016
My Quaker loves this even though it was yellow. His green one wore out after 20 years and I couldn't find green so I tried this yellow one. He seems ok with it.
Amazon Customer
October 27, 2017
My birds love them!
Terri A Euber
January 12, 2018
My Bird loves these! He snuggles right up to them! They're very good quality and last a long time!
Sherry J.
August 2, 2017
But my cockatiels don't...picky little birds...
July 29, 2016
There really was only one in the package, despite what the product name specifies. I wasn't really disappointed though, as I thought the price for three didn't was too good to be true anyway. Very pleased with the purchase. My sun conure loves these for snuggling.
Sandy P.
July 28, 2016
The product is fine, but it's false advertising. It's not a pack of three. I only received one.

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