UTRAX 20'' Long Detachable Wooden Bath Brush with Curved Reach Handle Hanging Wood Shower Brush with Boar-Bristle


Bath brush can wash your usual place difficult to washed clean your bath with a lot of fun. Wash Brush with long-reach handle


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A. C. Karlo
April 11, 2016
Noticed quite a few reviews that stated the brush did not stay in the handle, at times it would fall out. Because of the length of the handle and the sharpness of the curve I decided to purchase it anyway, I felt I could deal with the brush falling out issue in some way. Quick delivery as always from Amazon, and found this to be a very good quality item. Yes, could see where the brush to handle could be a problem, I purchased a good glue (Locktight very high quality glue)) and attached brush to the handle permanently. I have limited movement in my joints and could either find a short angled brush or a long handle with not enough angle. This product has both, angle and length. I am going to order another one or two. Recommend to anyone with joint or bending and reaching issues.
Gene R
July 9, 2017
I received this today and immediately tried it out. I bought it to replace a loofah scrubber that disintegrated after a few months which I guess happens to something organic. This brush feels great and the bristles are just stiff enough to be a good back scratcher without sacrificing the sudsing ability of soft bristles. The long curved handle reaches every inch of my back easily and though I read some reviews that said it comes off easily I don't see a problem. I think it's a great design and I fully recommend it.

July 21 - After a couple of weeks use the brush started coming off the handle every time I used it so I had to insert a screw to keep it from happening. Of course that defeats the idea of using the brush with your hand but I prefer a washcloth anyway for the areas I can reach. It's still a great brush but I'm reducing my 5 star review to 4 because of the need to modify it.
Jeffrey J. Staples
September 9, 2017
I am tall and have limited mobility and this brush is great to reach my back, especially because it has a long, bent handle. Two problems I solved were by using epoxy resin. Notch the handle before putting it into the brush head with two small notches made by a pocket knife or a wood file. These act as retention grooves when you put a little epoxy resin on the handle and insert it into the brush head. The brush head will never come out after you do this. Next, the long handle is very slippery around soapy water and some type of a grip is needed. I simply put notches along the handle where my hand grips it, then painted the exposed wood in the notches with a thin layer of epoxy resin. This seals the wood so no water damage can occur.
June 19, 2015
I've been looking for a good bath brush for several years, and finally found one. All the plastic brushes soon fracture if any pressure is applied. Wooden brushes mold and mildew after a year or so. Then too, finding bristles that are neither to hard or too soft is difficult. This product is long enough and properly bent to reach anyplace and give it a good scrubbing (if you catch my drift). The bristles are just right and scrub well while not being harsh on sensitive skin.

The only odd thing is that this brush is most definitely not made of wood, but a dense and tough plastic. It certainly will never mildew or form molds, as water beads on it surface (though the bristles might, though I think they will be rather worn out before that happens. There is a slight wooden look due to the plastic forming process, but it's palpably not wooden. The question is how long will it last? I've had a wooden bent-handled brush in the past, and while it worked it was great; however it broke at the bend. I resolved to not apply as much pressure when using this brush, but now am rethinking that necessity as the plastic seems very tough.

In any event, the brush will be perfect for anybody who has a back issue that prevents much bending. In general, the bristles on a good brush are what wear out first, and that's acceptable and understandable as long as it will last a year or two. If that is the case with this brush, I will no doubt reorder another; cleanliness is essential the older you get, as the skin grows more delicate with age. I'm finally happy with my bath brush; a small treasure in a world of bother.
January 9, 2017
I made this purchase due to a need to be proactive about keeping up my hygiene as I get older. With no one to actually help me keep my back squeaky clean, this seemed like a no brainer. The ULTRAX 20
Marrk A. Todd
November 17, 2015
If you are looking for a quality, well made bath brush.....look no longer. I needed to replace my existing brush for a couple reasons. Searched several offerings and finally chose this Utrax with long angled handle. Could not be more satisfied. Very nice finish on the synthetic handle. The brush portion can be separated for use by itself. The boar bristles are softening with each use. I don't feel I will need to ever purchase another bath brush. NOTE: be sure to completely rinse the soap from the bristles after each use and hang to allow drying.
Kim Huff
September 24, 2017
I was hesitant to get this for fear the head would not stay in place and it looks like my fears were correct. It is constantly falling off and the last time it fell off and landed on the top of my foot. I had a bump and bruise for several weeks. I've debated on just gluing it in there. Other than that, it is the best brush I've ever owned.

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