Vision Nesting Disc Living World 83060

  • Satisfies natural urge to build nests
  • 100% Natural fiber
  • Maximum comfort for breeding and raising hatchlings
  • Ideal for use with all Vision cages

The Vision Nesting Disc is the ideal way to help satisfy your birds natural urge to build nests. The disc is designed for easy access to soft nest lining and provides maximum comfort. Having a proper nesting area is important for breeding and raising hatchlings. Through the use of the Vision Nesting Disc, you are providing your bird with a great spot for starting a family.


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Donna M. Steinke
January 29, 2013
I have two Zebra Finches and I bought this to hold nesting material. It's cute, but does not mount very easily to the cage. It is supposed to work with the Vision Bird Cage line, which I have one, but it falls off constantly. In addition, the orange cover can be a bit tricky to remove. Other than that, the birds seem to like it just fine.
Shelly Solhtalab
June 7, 2017
Great addition, for my nesting birds u2764ufe0f
Thais Dianne Menges
August 27, 2017
Very satisfied
July 3, 2012
My Zebra Finches love this thing! It's a great way to keep them entertained and building their happy little nest! Easy to install and refillable. I like to use dried grass.
January 7, 2015
Great product
April 5, 2012
It was ok birds grew fast. They played with it but did'nt really use it. They werrn't sure about it.

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