Vivicastle Women's High Waist Band Bodycon Career Office Midi Pencil Skirt




  • Designed, Produced And Exclusive Sold by VIVICASTLE
  • Provides the most trendy and chic skirt which can be worn in all occasions
  • Slim Fit, good quality Fabric, and making style make you feel good and comfortable.
  • Hand or Machine Wash Cold Water.
  • Polyester, stretchy

This Lightweight Stretchy Pencil Skirt is a comfortable and soft skirt that is perfect for office wear.
The blend of Polyester and Spandex makes for a very soft and comfortable fabric with a nice stretch
The knee length of the skirt makes it suitable for formal & office wear.
This skirt is a must have item in every girls wardrobe.
LAID FLAT size chart
S:Waist-12.5" Hip-14" Length-25"
M: Waist-13.5" Hip-15" Length-26"
L: Waist-14.5" Hip-16" Length-27"
XL:Waist-15.5" Hip-17" Length-28"
* Model tried this item measurement:
Height: 5’5 / wearing 4” heels on the pictures Bust: 34C" Waist: 24" Hip: 34"


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Mother of LEGOs
May 25, 2017
I found it!!! As a fan of LuLaRoe's clothing, but also a teacher who can't afford to spend all that much on clothes, I've been looking to Amazon retailers to find less expensive versions of my favorite LLR styles. Most were pretty easy to find, from the
July 6, 2017
I ordered two of these skirts, and they couldn't have been more different. One was a slightly silky feeling, very stretchy material that fit great. The other was a waffle-y, not stretchy at all, kind of scratchy fabric that was super small. I love the stretchy one, but I'm very disappointed by the waffle-y knit one (the white and blue floral). I also think the reviews on this page are probably misleading - Vivicastle puts a sheet in with every order saying that if you give them a five-star review, they'll send you a free necklace or bracelet. This really bothered me, so I'd take all the five-star reviews with a grain of salt.
May 16, 2017
I love this skirt it fits great,stretchy,so you can buy what u normally wear .i usually wear a US size L/Xl and i bought an xl fit great.I'm planning to buy some hubby love the skirts.
October 8, 2017
It's what I expected--a lightweight, stretchy pencil skirt.

What I didn't expect was the flyer that came with it:
Amazon Customer
February 26, 2018
This is a very nice skirt! It has a slight sheen to it, which adds to its professional look--meaning it doesnt look cheap like the skirts that are that cotton matte looking type. My only complaint is the sizing. In my opinion this skirt runs small for those of us who are curvy. I usually wear size large--sometimes extra large.. Im 5'2 and weigh about 188 lbs. I also have lost alot of weight, therefore some of my weight is due to massive amounts of loose skin (Just want to give you an idea of my shape and size therefore you can judge what size will work 4 u..). I bought this skirt in size large and it barely fits--I wanted to wear it to a business meeting, however its so tight that I cant wear it for that anylonger. I can only wear it on the weekend on date night, because it really hugs your tushy--every curve is seriously accentuated! I recommend that the curvier girls order a few sizes up, due to it being a bodycon type if material. I gave it 5 stars, because this is a nice skirt. I didnt feel I should knock off stars, when its my fault for ordering the wrong size for my body shape. Plus this issss actually a great date night skirt, due to how it hugs your curves etc.... So 5 stars it is...
May 28, 2018
I miss my old pencil skirt. I paid about $20 for this, but it's definitely worth more like $5 or less. It definitely cost less than $1 to produce. The fabric is incredibly cheap and isn't firm enough to really hold in the lumps. For example, if I tucked in a shirt or something, the folds show through because the fabric isn't solid enough. This is especially comparing to my former pencil skirt that I got at some other cheap fashion store for the same price where it lasted me several years and even got me a lot of compliments. The fabric had been more of your traditional bodycon materials. This one just wasn't worth it. Don't give into all the other reviews!!! I wouldn't say I hate it, so the 2 star reviews are literally because it
Rosealie Mason
May 8, 2017
Fit's like a dream, and I'm no small girl.
I'm usually a size 15.
The material feels a bit weird and is slightly thin so I wouldn't recommend wearing it with any dark underwear; but otherwise? Absolutely beautiful. True to the picture.
Tara Gordon
October 31, 2017
Loved the fit of the skirt beautiful color

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